How the New York Times uses open source

How the New York Times uses open source

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Marc Frons, senior vice president and chief information officer of the New York Times, discusses how The Times actively contributes to open source communities.

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Are you using open source to drive innovation?

"We have been a big proponent of open source for many years. We are active contributors to the open source community. We use open source in our database and certainly our operating system and many of the tools that we've built or deployed or adapted over the years, and we contribute back to that community. In fact, for our content management system, which we built in-house, the editing framework is an open source framework, which we worked with the open source community and then gave back, so it's a tool that is customized for the New York Times that anybody can use."


This interview with Lee Congdon, CIO of Red Hat, where he discusses the role he sees for openness and collaboration in the innovation process. "Q&A: Red Hat CIO talks sharing, collaboration and openness."

Nano Serwich is Editor of The Enterprisers Project and Global Awareness Content Manager at Red Hat.

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