IoT growth, artificial intelligence, and more news for IT pros

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CIO News Week In Review

In this week's edition of news for CIOs and IT pros, we bring you some of the latest claims in the ongoing discussion around the Internet of Things.

Seeking solutions to IoT challenges ahead

This week, on a panel discussion at the National Press Cloud in D.C., White House CIO Tony Scott compared the explosive growth of connected devices to “free love in the '60s.” “That’s not necessarily a good thing in all cases so I think we’ve got to have some models and some broadly enforceable rule sets that can apply... that will actually, if done right, encourage the kind of growth that I think we all see.” Scott said. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that Scott stressed the importance of having conversations about the Internet of Things at the federal level to get ahead of new challenges.

The growth of IoT is, indeed, predicted to be astronomical; Forbes rounds up some of the latest numbers in an article this week. But while IoT is often talked about in terms of the exponential increase in data, Theo Priestley argues that the focus on finding analytical solutions may not be enough to meet the IoT challenges ahead. Priestley predicts, “Major software vendors will have to embark on an A.I. [Artificial Intelligence] acquisition trail to keep up with consumer technology, and this needs to happen now not tomorrow.”

The need to keep up with consumer technology is also imperative because in a few years, millennials will be taking over business decisions, a recent IDC report points out. “The millennial age group will drive rapid development, innovation and out-of-box thinking in IT departments and product groups because of having grown up only knowing a connected world,” the IDC report says. And as Mitch Betts states in his article for CIO Magazine, this will have implications for IT departments.

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