5 IT executives share their strategies for smart risk taking

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IT Leadership and Risk Taking Roundtable

Taking great leaps of faith in business is no longer such a risky move. In fact, the alternative – maintaining the status quo without question – is perhaps the riskiest move of all in a world in which digital technology is changing the future for all businesses.

We reached out to five IT leaders who are intimately familiar with risk taking. Whether diving head first into the cloud for high profile projects, changing the business model in the face of opposition, or throwing out the playbook and starting over from scratch, these executives have experienced first hand the transformative effects that calculated risk taking can have on their businesses. As a result, they are each working to encourage and incentivize smart risk taking throughout their organization.

In this roundtable, you will:

  • Learn how leading IT executives differentiate between risk-taking and risky behavior – and when they pull the plug on a risky experiment.
  • Find out how Aaron Stibel, executive vice president of Technology for Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, motivates employees to take risks through offbeat tactics, such as a failure wall.
  • Learn the risk-taking initiatives that Vanguard CIO John Marcante and Jet Propulsion Laboratory IT CTO Tom Soderstrom say should be led by IT.
  • Learn the top 10 tips for fostering the right kind of risk taking from everyone in the business.

Other roundtable participants sharing their experiences are Brian Beams, vice president of IT Services for Pharmavite, and Peter Buonora, enterprise architect for BJ's Wholesale Club.

Download the “CIO Roundtable: Taking the Riskiness out of Risk in IT” below to learn more.

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