Crowdsourcing transformation, collaboration to-dos, and more CIO news

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In this week's edition of news for CIOs and IT pros, we explore how CIOs can up the ante on their collaboration skills – a necessary piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Read on for more...

Enterpriser News: June 8-12, 2015

Sustainable change requires the entire enterprise to step up to the digital transformation challenge

CIOs are increasingly being asked what they are doing to drive digital transformation. But IT can't do it alone. And, as Dion Hinchcliffe reports, entire networks of change agents within the business are needed to truly make a different. He calls this “crowdsourcing transformation.” Here Dion provides a roadmap for digital transformation that puts the responsibility on the shoulders of everyone, from the Board of Directors to all members of the C-Suite.

Here are two more articles from this week on digital transformation:

A CIO's guide to improving relationships with business leaders

This week, ZDNet turned to four IT experts to find out how they are working in lock step with their CEOs to drive IT-led business change. As Mark Bramwell, CIO at Said Business School, puts it, it's not a one-size-fits-all approach, and each CIO will need to determine how to effectively collaborate and communicate with their CEO. But these four tips from Bramwell, Yodel CIO Adam Gerrard, Former Tullow Oil CIO Andrew Marks, and The CIO Leader's Ian Cox, are a great way to get the conversation started.

This week's news also brings us a viewpoint from the other side of the CIO-CMO divide. In an op-ed for the DMA, Gene De Libero, head of strategy for Wipro Digital, comments on the exploding marketing technology space, brimming with vendors looking to cash in on the fact that the CMO is spending more on IT today than ever before. This sends a clear message to CIOs that collaboration with marketing leaders is increasingly important. De Libero suggests starting with governance and explains why, even though it may bug your CMO, it could ultimately help them – and help you forge a much-needed bond.

In other news

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