CIOs: The business expects you to lead digital

CIOs: The business expects you to lead digital

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When asked what a CIO's most important contribution to the business is over the next three years, only 21 percent of survey respondents in a recent Harvard Business Review study said that it was leading and implementing IT projects. Rather, they pointed to big picture responsibilities, like driving innovation (48 percent) and establishing architectures to support digital transformation (47 percent).

Clearly, business leaders are counting on the CIO to be their organzation's digital sherpa. Indeed, 46 percent of survey respondents stated that they would like to learn about digital trends from their CIO.

Download the report, “Driving Digital Transformation: New Skills for Leaders, New Role for the CIO,” to learn real ways that CIOs at companies HBR calls Digital Leaders are guiding the way - from formalized educational programs to relationship building to bringing in outside experts.

Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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