Week-in-Review: The role of trust, security, and more in digital transformation

Week-in-Review: The role of trust, security, and more in digital transformation

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CIO News Week In Review

In this week's edition of news for IT pros, we take a look at how issues around trust and security may be impacting digital transformation efforts.

Diving deeper on digital transformation

Last week we highlighted several articles around digital transformation. This week, in an article for Forbes, Daniel Newman reminds us that any attempt at digital transformation will likely fall flat without a foundation of trust. He says, “Trust holds an enterprise together throughout the implementation process and ensures everyone is on the same page regardless of the tech rolled out.”

When it comes to deciding what tech to roll out, many organizations seem to be focusing their digital transformation efforts on the mobilization of the enterprise, marking a shift from BYOD and shadow IT to an environment “in which mobile deployments are more unified throughout the enterprise.” The results of a recent survey from Appian highlighting the fact that IT decision makers believe enterprise mobility will play a key role in productivity and profitability, even though 86 percent of those surveyed have concerns about security.

Another area of interest for organizations embracing digital transformation is the Internet of Things, but IoT also comes with its own security concerns. Warwick Ashford reports in ComputerWeekly, “IoT promises unprecedented levels of efficiency, automation and co-ordination, but it will fail if the security risks are not addressed early.” He cites findings from a recent Telefónica report and highlights the weak links that may put companies at risk.

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