Our 5 most-read interviews with IT leaders in 2016

Our 5 most-read interviews with IT leaders in 2016

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December 12, 2016

Each year we interview dozens of IT leaders about their biggest challenges, the best practices, and everything in between. These interviews offer readers a glimpse into the activities of leading IT professionals - in their own words.

Here is a list the interviews you read the most in 2016.

1. Beware of biases in machine learning: One CTO explains why it happens

Computers are only as good, or as bad, as the people who program them. And it turns out that many individuals who create machine learning algorithms are presumably and unintentionally building in race and gender bias. In part one of a two-part interview, Richard Sharp, CTO of predictive marketing company Yieldify, explains how it happens. Read the interview

2. Agile is too slow: Why you should try continuous deployment

At enterprise translation platform Smartling, developers strive for continuous deployment, rather than a six-month waterfall, or even two-week agile cycle. But why is this better? And how do they actually make it work? In the second part of a two-part interview with The Enterprisers Project, CTO Andrey Akselrod provides some answers. Read the interview

3. Why shadow IT can be your biggest opportunity

Simplifying IT and streamlining IT operations is the best strategy for better meeting business goals, according to Chris Borkenhagen, vice president of IT at travel expense management company Concur. In an interview with The Enterprisers Project, he explains how this works at his company. Read the interview

4. Internet of hackable things? Why IoT devices need better security

The Internet of Things is amazingly powerful and useful — but not always safe to use, and most organizations with IoT implementations need to do a better job of keeping them secure. That's a message that Jerry Irvine, CIO of the Chicago IT services company, Prescient Solutions, would like his fellow CIOs to take to heart. In an interview with The Enterprisers Project, he explains why. Read the interview

5. Five simple steps for communicating IT concepts with a non-technical audience

It's a question that bedevils every tech professional: How do you help business colleagues with no technical training and limited exposure to technology management understand the complex issues you deal with every day? Especially when it's vital that they understand, so they can make important decisions about budgets and priorities? In an interview with The Enterprisers Project, Jerry Foster, CTO of Plex, provides some great suggestions. Plex provides cloud-hosted ERP for the manufacturing sector. Read the interview

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