9 conferences CIOs and IT pros should check out in fall 2016

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Digital transformation continues to be the prominent overarching theme of conferences for CIOs and business leaders this fall. But rather than focusing on what it is and why it matters, upcoming conference agendas are getting more specific – tackling the innovative technologies behind real-world transformations, and the culture changes business leaders must embrace to create a digital mindset throughout the enterprise. 

See our recommendations below, and add your own in the comments.


When: September 18-21
Where: Orlando, FL

Why you should be there: The annual conference for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) brings together state, local, academic, nonprofit and corporate IT leaders to share ideas, best practices, and expertise. The agenda will cover insights and learnings from the 2016 State of the CIO survey, as well as sessions on top CIO priorities, such as cloud, data analytics, and security and risk management. It’s a must-attend if you are a public-sector CIO, and while it may be too late to register this year, be sure to follow @NASCIO on Twitter for updates from the conference floor.

GigaOm Change 

When: September 21-23
Where: Austin, TX

Why you should be there: In its inaugural debut, GigaOm Change promises to “empower businesses of today to thrive in a world of tomorrow.” According to Gigaom’s CEO Byron Reese, the event will focus on seven emerging technologies: artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality, robotics, human-machine interfaces, nanotechnology, cybersecurity, and 3D printing. Speakers will discuss not only why these technologies matter, but also the very real impacts that will have on the future of business. 

O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence 

When: September 26-27
Where: New York, NY

Why you should be there: Artificial intelligence is already being applied in many areas today, from driverless cars to bots to Internet of Things interfaces, and there is still a landscape of untapped opportunities. This conference will cover interesting use cases of AI as well as a look at what’s to come. Notable keynotes will include Tim O’Reilly on the future of work in an AI world, Tom Davenport on the promise of augmentation, and Google's Martin Wicke on scalable machine learning.

O’Reilly Next:Economy 

When: October 10-11
Where: San Francisco, CA

Why you should be there: A natural follow-up to the AI event, this conference explores the impact on the economy when robotics and technology replace work traditionally done by humans. Next:Economy is aimed at entrepreneurs, business and labor leaders, thinkers and policy makers, and hands-on workers, and it will feature an agenda track on corporate transformation. Attendees will learn the skills necessary to lead in a business environment that is changing rapidly as technology continues to evolve. 

Gartner Symposium 

When: October 16-20
Where: Orlando, FL

Why you should be there: It wouldn’t be a fall conference list for CIOs without this pivotal event. This year’s theme is "Lead 360: Drive Digital to the Core," and promises to give CIOs the skills to advance their careers, their digital roadmaps, and their organizational influence. The conference tracks are designed around IT leaders’ six key priorities, from strengthening leadership to planning for the digital future.

Economist Digital Transformation 

When: November 4-5
Where: Madrid

Why you should be there: This invitation-only event will explore whether business leaders are truly living in a digital revolution – and the technology-related challenges that go along with it. Through networking opportunities and expert-led presentations, attendees will learn how to embrace disruptive thinking, and what the digitalization of business means for the future of talent. 

DevOps Enterprise Summit 

When: November 7-9
Where: San Francisco, CA

Why you should be there: If implementing DevOps is on your priority list, or if you’re already going down that path, this is the quintessential conference for helping you get there. It features real-world DevOps transformation stories from companies including American Airlines, CapitalOne, Hyatt Hotels, Johnson & Johnson, and Nationwide Insurance. Many speakers, including Carmen DeArdo, Director, Build Capability for Nationwide Insurance, will build upon their presentations at past DevOps Enterprise Summits to showcase their progress and learnings over time. See our 2015 Q&A with DeArdo for reference.

AI World Conference 

When: November 7-9
Where: San Francisco, CA

Why you should be there: With yet another major conference on artificial intelligence this fall, it’s clear that this topic is top of mind with CIOs and business leaders. This event boasts over 90 speakers, 65 of which are CxOs. Attendees of this three-day event can expect to learn not only what the latest and greatest enterprise-ready technologies are, but how to apply them to create competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, and accelerate innovation efforts. 

Enterprise Digital Summit 

When: November 23-24
Where: London

Why you should be there: For CIOs in the UK, this event will focus on the enablement and distribution of the digital mindset throughout the enterprise. Speakers will share their experiences and lessons learned from their personal digital transformation efforts in a special track called Practical Expertise, designed to provide real takeaways for attendees. Future trends and challenges will also be discussed in the event’s keynotes and a pre-conference workshop. 

What's on your calendar? Are there any events that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Carla Rudder is a community manager and program manager for The Enterprisers Project. She enjoys bringing new authors into the community and helping them craft articles that showcase their voice and deliver novel, actionable insights for readers.  

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