10 must-read IT talent articles of 2017: The Enterprisers Project

10 must-read IT talent articles of 2017: The Enterprisers Project

Check out our most popular articles and advice on navigating the IT talent crisis

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December 27, 2017
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2017 was a standout year for IT. Technology continues to define how businesses will compete in the future, and IT is taking a leading role in revenue-generation for the business. And while the opportunities for innovation are ripe for the picking – from automation and AI to IoT and  hybrid cloud – CIOs know there is one factor that will make or break their ability to succeed in the future: Talent.

Innovation depends on finding the best people for the job, and keeping those folks engaged is often a matter of culture. These are some of the toughest challenges for CIOs and business leaders. To make things even more difficult, in an era when every company is a technology company, competition for talent is fierce. As we embark on a new year, we don’t see these challenges going away for IT leaders any time soon.

To help out, we’ve taken a look back at some of our most popular talent articles of 2017. Take a moment to catch up as you formulate your talent strategy for the year ahead.

1. 10 IT leaders weigh in on their biggest talent gaps for 2017

We asked leaders what talent challenges they were facing in the year ahead.

2. Here's why the skills gap may be killing your digital transformation

Insights into what most IT leaders get wrong about hiring, how it's holding their organizations back.

3. Hybrid cloud talent: How to find and keep it

Use this expert advice to locate, hire, and retain hybrid cloud pros.

4. IT job interviews: 11 ways to stand out to CIOs

IT and business leaders share the one characteristic they hold above the rest when it comes to hiring IT talent.

5. Adobe CIO: Successful women do these things to shatter career stereotypes

Advice for women to grow their career and rise above stereotypes in business and tech.

6. DevOps Jobs: 5 tips for making the transition

Recruiters and tech leaders share advice on how IT professionals can land a new gig in DevOps.

7. Tech skills gap: Straight talk on how CIOs can help

How can CIOs and businesses help pitch in to train tomorrow's tech leaders? Gary Beach weighs in.

8. 8 emerging AI jobs for IT pros

What IT jobs will be hot in the age of AI? Take a sneak peek at roles likely to be in demand.

9. 7 traits CIOs should seek in project managers

How can you hire great project managers, not those who are “good enough”? Look for these seven traits.

10. 12 emerging IT job titles with a bright future

New titles reflect shift in the very nature of IT and move to cross-functional teams.

[Want more tips on surviving the talent crises? See our related report: IT talent crises: Proven advice from CIOs and HR leaders]

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