CIOs: The time to prepare for the Internet of Things is now

CIOs: The time to prepare for the Internet of Things is now

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February 03, 2017
CIO News Week In Review

In this week’s news roundup for IT leaders, we look at trends in IoT and tech hiring.

CIOs plan for IoT

“As a technological turning point, the Internet of Things ranks with the advent of the Internet itself and mobile computing,” writes Hugo Moreno in an article for Forbes. Moreno suggests that the time for businesses to plan for IoT is now. Although he points out “the torrent of data generated by the IoT will make big data look like a trickle in comparison,” he says data science today is mature enough to allow organizations to apply lessons from IoT data to other parts of their business. He writes, “Early adopters stand to reap rewards from this data approach, using it to guide development of next-generation consumer devices and even open up entirely new market segments.”

What are CIOs and IT leaders doing to prepare for a new world of connected devices? Mark Samuels shares a few tips in ZDNet this week. For instance, Richard Corbridge, CIO for the Health Service Executive in Ireland, said, “We're reaching the next frontier in healthcare. By using their own devices, patients have access to information and can turn the delivery of health and wellbeing activities into a competitive gamified process.” Additionally, Warwickshire County Council CIO Tonino Ciuffini explained how IoT can help create better customer experiences. Read the article for more advice from IT leaders.

Trends in tech hiring

Writing for CIO Magazine, Sharon Florentine breaks down the findings from the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trends Report. The survey of CIOs revealed that security is top of mind, “with 30 percent of respondents saying ‘maintaining the security of IT systems and safeguarding company information’ was their highest priority.” When it comes to specific skills, the research found that “44 percent are looking for database management skills, 42 percent need desktop support personnel, 42 percent are looking to fill network administration roles and 41 percent need cybersecurity talent.”

With tech skills in high demand, Network World brings us a timely article from Gianna Scorsone about the most common tech hiring mistakes – and how to avoid them. Scorsone points to pitfalls like lowballing salary, overlooking internal talent, and not moving fast enough as factors that could allow quality talent to slip through businesses’ fingers.

More news for CIOs

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This is really nice article

This is really nice article regarding internet thing.

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