Strategies for transformational leadership

Strategies for transformational leadership

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May 12, 2017
CIO News Week In Review

In this week’s news roundup for IT leaders, we bring you articles with advice on digital transformation leadership, design thinking, and more.

Leading through digital transformation

Writing for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco reports on the results of a recent BMC Software survey of 650 IT decision makers across 12 countries, which found that “89 percent of tech pros said that IT automation must be used in new ways to achieve digital business objectives.” Also on the minds of IT decision makers: “Half of respondents said that digital transformation is the largest item on IT's agenda, and 45 percent said it represents the largest investment of any IT program. Demands for new sources of revenue, competitive advantages, and operational excellence have created enormous pressure to compete digitally in order to earn the trust of customers, trading partners, and employees, 92 percent of tech professionals agreed.”

CIOs leading in these transformational times can learn a lot from their peers. In a Harvard Business Review article published this week, authors Scott Anthony and Evan I. Schwartz dive into the common characteristics and strategies of leaders from S&P 500 and Global 500 firms who are spearheading the most successful business transformations – an elite group they call the Transformation 10. The must-read article includes takeaways from the transformational journeys of leaders at companies including Amazon, Apple, Aetna, DaVita, and more.

Using design thinking to shape culture 

Another useful article this week comes from Nicole Dessain in The Huffington Post. She explores how design thinking is shaping culture, sharing interviews with five different companies that are experimenting with the approach. For instance, Céline Schillinger, head of quality innovation and engagement at global pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur, explains in the article: “We transformed our organization to where people come together because they believe in something they have in common, a common purpose. This way they become activists of a change they believe in. The way we go about it is by empowering employees to do things that are beyond their job description. And leaders are there to encourage and remove barriers.”

More news for CIOs

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