Automation's power: Streamlining for speed

Automation's power: Streamlining for speed

D&B using automation to save steps, APIs to open up data

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July 11, 2017

Is automation poised to replace people? Politics and trade deals aside, I believe that technology innovation creates jobs in places you never thought there could be jobs before and enables people to take on more interesting, strategic work.  

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Here’s an example. We have a new risk intelligence platform, which adds a credit limit recommendation, among other things, to our previous platform. In the past, companies would buy data from D&B, then look at the credit scores and make decisions about whether or not they were going to do business with that company based on the credit reports.

"This takes a step out of the process through automation, but it also delivers that data and that decision faster."

Now D&B is using internal analytics combined with our new product to deliver actual credit limit recommendations to the customer. This takes a step out of the process through automation, but it also delivers that data and that decision faster. So we’re bringing data and decisioning to places where it’s all being used and where it can help our customers drive more revenue. Which creates more jobs.

In essence, we’ve opened up the entire product through APIs that the customers can integrate into their own systems so that automation flows straight through to whatever system they’re using. In addition, we are actively going out and partnering with some of the major software platforms that can use these systems, and bringing those credit scores and intelligence and decisioning right into those interactions.

Now our customers don’t have to have their IT crews go and implement APIs with us because we’re partnering with that accounting platform. Which means they can deploy that staff to more strategic and interesting work.  

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Aaron Stibel serves as Chief Executive Officer of MDR, the leading data and marketing services company to the education community. Previously, Stibel served as Chief Technology Officer of Emerging Businesses at Dun & Bradstreet. Prior to Dun & Bradstreet, Aaron spent nine years with software company Revenue Solutions Inc. where he co-created DiscoverTax and led technology efforts for multi-billion dollar enterprise data warehousing implementations for government agencies.

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