4 trends for CIO leadership in 2019: Gartner Symposium takeaways

4 trends for CIO leadership in 2019: Gartner Symposium takeaways

Looking ahead? Pay attention to these technology and leadership themes that dominated the Gartner Symposium

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October 22, 2018
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The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is a must-attend event for IT executives. It’s where Gartner reveals its annual list of top trends that CIOs and IT leaders must pay attention to next year. The list for 2019 has already generated a lot of interest, and Gartner’s predictions will continue to be discussed and debated in the months ahead.

But if you were paying attention to Twitter, these predictions weren’t the only topics generating buzz at the event. Here are some of the best quotes, slides, and insights from the Symposium we think IT leaders should see as they begin thinking through their strategies for the new year.

1. Make culture a priority

Should the “C” in CIO stand for culture, as Wall Street Journal reporter Tom Loftus proposed in the CIO Journal? Considering how many Gartner Symposium speakers emphasized culture as a critical driver of innovation and organizational success, perhaps it should be. Here are a few culture tweets that caught our eye.

2. Prepare for the unknown

One reason IT leaders attend the Gartner Symposium is to make sure they are heading into a new year with their eyes opened to the latest trends and digital disruptions that could influence – or derail – their plans. Some of the most buzzed-about tech trends at the event included Digital Twins, AI, and blockchain.

3. CIO trends by the numbers

There’s nothing like a good data point to convey what CIOs are focused on now and in the near future. Here are a few of the stats we saw circulating from the conference.

4. The importance of human leadership

Regardless of the trends ahead, CIOs won’t be able to implement them without building trust and influence with their peers and teams. Whether you call this emotional intelligence, or simply being human, several Gartner Symposium speakers tapped into the critical importance of earning the title of leader.

Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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