7 ways to network when you work at home

7 ways to network when you work at home

Feeling the social isolation that can come with working from home? Boost your networking skills - and your professional relationships - with these expert tips

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5. Offer your expertise

“If you have the bandwidth, offer to help colleagues on projects they are working on that are challenging."

Build your network and your personal brand by offering your insights and expertise to others on your team, says Kurko. “If you have the bandwidth, offer to help colleagues on projects they are working on that are challenging, or to be a sounding board for them, even when you aren’t a formal member of the team.” This can help you not only stay in the loop of the various projects across your team, but also form stronger relationships with colleagues.

6. Don’t neglect professional development

All professionals – especially those in IT – should make continued education and constant learning a priority. For remote workers, this can also be a key avenue for networking and relationship building, says Kurko.

“If your company encourages professional development, put in a request to attend outside training that will benefit you in your role by helping you either acquire new skills and certifications or to keep them current,” she says. “While attending, get to know some of the other attendees. This format gives you even more time than you have at conferences to get to know people, swap ideas, and build relationships.”

7. Remember the small stuff

Some of the most valued work relationships are between people who have a personal bond in addition to a professional one. Don’t miss out on these relationships if you work from home.

“Without having a physical ‘break room’ to chat about weekend plans and life updates, it can be difficult for remote workers to bond on a personal level,” says Affronti. “Make an effort to remember birthdays and congratulate colleagues on a work or life accomplishment during the next team call. When you learn about upcoming vacations or weekend plans, make it a point to ask them how their trip went. Remembering the small things will make everyone feel appreciated and more connected.”

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