20 CIOs to follow on Twitter for digital transformation wisdom

20 CIOs to follow on Twitter for digital transformation wisdom

When you're navigating the digital transformation journey, there’s nothing quite as valuable as guidance from fellow travelers

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Gail Evans aka @GailEvans_21 

Bio: Technologist, risk taker, mother and leader who loves to inspire and have fun

Why to follow: You want a transformation story? Evans has a great one – her own.  Long before she took on IT leadership roles at Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft (where she was promoted from CIO to CDO), she worked as a janitor at Eastman Kodak. Thirteen years later, she was the company’s CTO. Since being promoted from CIO to CDO at Mercer, she is digital transformer in chief and shares a steady stream of DT thought leadership, including her own, on cultural change, connected ecosystems, and bridging the AI skills gap.

Bob Brown aka @BobBrownCIO

Why to follow: For the local public sector perspective, check out Brown who, as CIO of Manchester (England) City Council is overhauling the technology foundation for the benefit of the metro area’s citizens and public servants. Brown’s tweets, related to everything from assisted living technology for senior citizens for to addressing the skills gaps for aging boomers to cloud infrastructure and machine learning, reveal how new digital tools and processes can transform lives.

Shahriar Rafimayeri aka @sharafirmay

Bio: SVP, Business Innovation & CIO @Infor and proud member of #TeamInfor - Board of Trustees at #KaufmanMusicCenter

Why to follow: Rafimayeri doesn’t go overboard pushing Infor’s products. Rather, his Twitter feed hints at some best practices for aligning an ecosystem around a digital transformation effort aimed at enterprise implementation of data and analytics across 16 business units and growing, highlighting customer and partner forums, partnerships with C-level peers in HR and marketing, and cross-functional teaming.

Wayne Sadin aka @waynesadin

Bio: Transformational #CIO/#CTO/#CDO, #CEO/#Board Advisor, Independent #Director, #NACD Board #Governance Fellow. When you outgrow your IT Strategy, call me! #LITFB

Why to follow: Veteran IT leader and current CTO and CDO of a senior living developer and operator, Sadin particularly passionate about paying down technology debt, creating the infrastructure foundation to enable digital change, and getting boards up to speed on DT.

Jimmy Stewart aka @_jimmystewart

Bio: Nonprofit CIO - Creator NAMI Finder app. #MentalHealth #Technology #Vetforce #AmericanLegion

Why to follow: This CIO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is showcasing what digital transformation can do within the technology-lagging mental health sector – like the #NAMIFinder app that enables individuals to find valuable resources in their local areas filtered by unique needs and conditions. Stewart also stays on top of the efforts of digital transformation leaders across industries.

Scott Rice aka @SRiceNow

Follow @SRiceNow

Why to follow: Rice is leading the charge in reinvesting in technology in the hyper-competitive telecom industry using data to redefine the customer journey. Rice celebrates the ecosystem partners that are critical to the company’s digital transformation efforts as well as community collaboration, such as his mobile app development and platform architecture team’s participating in a community Lego Leaque in Kansas City.

Jay Ferro aka @jayferro

Bio: #CIO/#CxO | Dad | #Speaker | #Angel Investor | Love #Leadership & #Technology; Hate #Cancer | #ENTJ | #Board Director | #GoDawgs

Why to follow: Long-time IT leader and former American Cancer Society CIO Jay Ferro currently wears a number of hats that inform his Twitter feed: interim manufacturing CIO, chairman of the board for cybersecurity start-up AppTega, and angel investor. That informs his tweets, which include emerging tech news, cybersecurity headlines and best practices, and digital transformation leadership.

Suresh Rukmangathan aka @SureshRukman

Bio: CTO, INTCAS, Founder, INNOVISAZ & Governor, Heathland School #Startup #Education #Banking #ArtificialIntelligence #Blockchain #Datascience #CTO #CEO London, UK

Why to follow: Rukmangathan’s purview as CTO of INTCAS, who provide services to streamline the process of selecting and applying to study abroad programs, may be quite niche. However, he also runs a boutique product design and development consultancy and is a frequent tweeter on all developments AI and blockchain related.

Khuloud Odeh aka @kodeh

Bio: VP of Technology & Data Science and CIO for @urbaninstitute. Digital Transformation, Tech and Data Science, Tech Innovation, Social Impact, Sustainability

Why to follow: Odeh is leveraging digital tools and data to elevate the debate on social and economic policy at the Urban Institute. As she wrote in a recent blog post: “…public policy research shines a light in the dark, illuminating social conditions so we can see our way through to solutions. But that light is only as bright as the best research tools and techniques will allow.” Her Twitter feed features some cool examples of how data science is being applied to close fundamental gaps in knowledge, refine policy design, and clarify connections between raw data and actionable information.

Raechelle Clemmons aka @rclemmons

Bio: CIO @txwomans, #DEI advocate, proud geeky girl & occasional #geekrockstar, passionate about gender equity & the transformative power of technology. she/her/hers

Why to follow: Clemmons is as dedicated to diversity as digital transformation and her feed illustrates the symbiotic connection between the two. Follow this higher ed CIO for a dose of inspiration about progress on both fronts on campus and beyond.

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