How to conquer inner fears that limit your career

How to conquer inner fears that limit your career

Four common fears may hold you back. Learn how to address them and become a better leader

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March 07, 2018

Fears can be a boon to top executives when used to fuel better performance. For instance, a fear of not being good enough can motivate leaders to continually strive for their best and encourage their team to do the same. However, when you fail to acknowledge your fears, they are more likely to hold you back.

Through their work with thousands of executives over 30 years, Matt Brubaker and Foster Mobley identified four of the most common inner fears that executives experience: fear of being wrong; fear of not being good enough; fear of missing out; and fear of being victimized.

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Rather than stifling these fears, Brubaker and Mobley advise that you practice self-reflection to better understand and learn from them. In this recent Harvard Business Review article, they provide a four-step process for leaders to do just that. Download the article:


How to conquer inner fears that limit your career
By Matt Brubaker and Foster Mobley

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