How to get out of a meeting you know will waste your time

How to get out of a meeting you know will waste your time

Are you spending more time in meetings than doing actual work? Learn 5 strategies to help you prioritize your time

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May 14, 2018

The signs of a waste-of-time meeting are obvious. People are half listening while multi-tasking on their phones. One person may be sharing mundane details of a project that could have been summarized in an email. These are the meetings to avoid at all costs, writes author Dorie Clark.

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In this Harvard Business Review article, Clark makes a compelling case for building an arsenal of tried and true tactics to protect your time and push back on meetings you know will be unproductive. But, she points out, some are harder to avoid than others, “especially if the invitation comes from your boss, a key client, or an influential colleague,” she writes. 

Download this article for Clark’s strategies to help you emphasize the value of your time and make others think twice about pulling you into unnecessary meetings. 

How to get out of a meeting you know will waste your time
By Dorie Clark

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