Transformative IT teams share a power skill: Adaptability

Transformative IT teams share a power skill: Adaptability

The future requires adaptable technology, adaptable teams, and adaptable leaders, new report says

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In the digital era, standing still is a death sentence. Businesses have to be nimble as priorities shift due to competitive pressures and digital disruption. From both a technology and a people perspective, a one-size-fits-all approach will not cut it. 

“The pace, the technology that is needed, the mindset that is needed, the skill set that’s needed to engage are dramatically different,” said Satish Alapati, CIO of customer experience at AT&T, in a recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report.

To prepare for a future that is largely unknown, top CIOs are building flexibility and adaptability into both their technology – in the form of reusable components and APIs – and into their teams. They “are working to help their teams see change as a personal opportunity rather than a threat,” notes the report. 

The CIOs also fundamentally understand that this new rule applies to them, as well. “The role of a leader on the team is to support the team and to clear roadblocks; it’s not to command and control,” said John Marcante, CIO of Vanguard. While some CIOs embrace this new model of a leader – the report calls them Transformation Masters – others can see this dynamic as a loss of power. 

Download the report, “Transformation Masters: The New Rules of CIO Leadership,” to learn more about why adaptability is the new power skill in IT. 

The new rules of CIO leadership

By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

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Why are you calling it

Why are you calling it adaptability? Isn't it just what has been referred to as "developmental approach" for decades?

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