Kubernetes jobs: 9 facts and figures

Kubernetes jobs: 9 facts and figures

Kubernetes jobs - some of today’s hottest IT roles - pay a national average of $144,648. What else should IT pros and hiring managers know?

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Fact: Kubernetes does pop up in some titles

Whether or not it becomes a job market trend remains unclear, but Kubernetes is creeping into some job titles and related arenas like IT certifications. On the latter front, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which houses the Kubernetes project, offers the Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification, for example.

As enterprise adoption goes mainstream, “Kubernetes administrator” (and variants such as “Kubernetes engineer”) seems like a possible job title of the future. The term is already popping up in some job ads, such as this contract role at Ascena Retail Group and this longer-term position at Cloudflare.

Figure: 6,500 unique contributors to the Kubernetes repository on GitHub

That’s between October 1, 2017, and September 30, 2018, according to Github’s annual Octoverse report. That was good for #8 on the top 10 open source projects on the site, by contributors, its first appearance in the top 10, according to GitHub. This also marks a good entry point into Kubernetes experience for those with none: This is an active, growing community that creates opportunities for learning and future contributions that can eventually translate into resume material for job seekers.

Figure: $144,648 average Kubernetes job salary

That is the national average salary of Kubernetes jobs, according to ZipRecruiter’s job listings. That average ranges from $78,000 to $215,500 annually. The site notes that most jobs fall between $115,500 (25th percentile) and $164,000 (75th percentile).

That seems to match with some in-the-trenches job hunting: Roles where Kubernetes experience factors prominently in the job description vary, but they definitely tend to be of the six-figure variety. A senior backend engineer - infrastructure position at Tinder, the dating app, advertised on multiple job sites has a salary estimate of $170,000 on Glassdoor.

While you always need to account for the cost of living and a host of other factors, it’s currently tough to find low-paying jobs that require Kubernetes experience. Many come with salary estimates well above the six-figure threshold. The open Cloudflare systems engineer position - Kubernetes platform mentioned above lists an estimated $150,000 annual salary on Glassdoor.

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Any info on training?

Any info on training?


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