Top 10 articles of 2018 for IT leaders: The Enterprisers Project

Top 10 articles of 2018 for IT leaders: The Enterprisers Project

Our readers found these articles - on emotional intelligence, DevOps, blockchain, and more - the most valuable. Dig in for IT leadership wisdom to start the new year

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January 01, 2019
Top 10 articles for CIOs in 2014

Was 2018 a year of great progress for your IT team?

Did you move more work to the cloud, perhaps with the help of containers and Kubernetes? Did you automate away some tasks that were driving people crazy and slowing down business process? Did you make good progress with DevOps?

How did you enhance your talent strategy? We continue to hear from CIOs and IT leaders that talent – recruiting, retaining, and nurturing the best people – is your top concern. On a related note, many of you are working hard to increase your emotional intelligence – a critical part of today’s IT leadership skill set, as people work on cross-functional teams and with a diverse group of customers, employees, and partners. All of this supports the overarching goal of the moment: Digital transformation.

To that end, we here at Enterprisers Project have strived to deliver a constant stream of expert advice from your peers and subject matter experts on these topics in 2018.

As we look forward to the new year, it’s a great time to catch up on any of the best articles that you may have missed. We’re committed to helping you learn even more this year. Let’s check out the 10 most-read articles of 2018:

10. 4 styles of decision-making: A leader’s guide

Know when to use the different styles of decision-making – and when it’s time to try a different approach

9. 10 bad DevOps habits to break

Some common DevOps practices can turn into bad habits. Nip them in the bud now for greater success

8. How to explain blockchain in plain English

Arm yourself with definitions that will help you explain blockchain to others. One expert compares it to a school lunch trade

7. 8 ways to reclaim sanity at work and home

Forget work-life balance. Try these expert tips on how to blend

6. 10 TED Talks for introverts

These valuable TED Talks – every one given by an introvert – share lessons for both introverts and the leaders who work with them

5. 4 dying IT jobs

R.I.P. project managers and sysadmins? IT recruiters say these roles are vanishing due to factors including AI and DevOps

4. 10 books to make you a stronger leader

Whether you want to improve your soft skills or rally a team around a vision, these books will help you overcome challenges and broaden your leadership skills

3. How to have tough conversations: 8 tips

No raise. No promotion. Quality problems. All leaders have to deliver tough news sometimes: Use these strategies to deal with difficult discussions

2. Emotional intelligence test: 5 self-evaluation tools for leaders

EQ is a critical soft skill for leaders. Evaluate yours with an emotional intelligence test

1. 10 things leaders with emotional intelligence never do

High EQ leaders don’t lose their cool. They don’t swallow emotions. Learn about the behaviors to avoid as you build emotional intelligence

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