12 ways to get smarter about Kubernetes

12 ways to get smarter about Kubernetes

Let’s boost your Kubernetes IQ, whether you’re an IT leader or working your way up. Check out these excellent Kubernetes resources

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February 04, 2019
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Learn Kubernetes Basics tutorial –Kubernetes official site

When you’ve got the lingo, concepts, and emerging trends down pat, consider digging into this tutorial on the basics of Kubernetes orchestration via the official project site.

If you learn best by doing or have become conversant in Kubernetes and now want to deepen your knowledge with hands-on experience or online coursework, there are plenty of other tutorials and online classes for doing so, including browser-based sandboxes that don’t require an actual installation. We’re highlighting some of the top options below:

Learn Kubernetes Using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios –Katacoda

This browser-based tool offers 17 hands-dirty scenarios for learning Kubernetes, including fundamentals such as deploying a container using the Kubectl command-line interface and more advanced tasks such as Ingress routing. It also includes a “playground” environment for unstructured tinkering and learning.

Kubernetes by Example –Red Hat OpenShift

These step-by-step walk-throughs of Kubernetes concepts and capabilities, created by the Red Hat OpenShift team, includes commands for the Kubectl command-line interface for various tasks and operations. These can then be replicated in DIY fashion, either in a local environment or in an online environment on openshift.com.

Introduction to Kubernetes –edX

This edX course developed by The Linux Foundation functions like a “101” course for people and teams new to the tool. The edX course page includes a bullet-point syllabus for the topics covered, including (near the end of the class) the value of the Kubernetes community and how to get involved. The course is free, with a paid option ($99) for those who want a verified certificate of successful completion.

Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes –Udacity

This free course introduces the ins and outs of managing containerized applications with Kubernetes, especially in the context of today’s 24-7 expectations for applications and services and the demands those expectations place on infrastructure and operations.

How to start a Kubernetes meetup –Opensource.com

Want to learn about Kubernetes in person? A local meetup is a great way to bolster your Kubernetes knowledge by learning from folks working in a variety of organizations and roles. Mars Toktonaliev, an engineer at Nokia and organizer of the Dallas Kubernetes meetup group, shares tips on starting your own meetup, from planning to finding speakers, in this tips-filled article via Opensource.com. 

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Very good and well documented

Very good and well documented article!

You can learn more about Kubernetes and its performance if you compare different cloud providers (https://bigstep.com/blog/kubernetes-benchmark-bigstep-vs-aws-part-1), applications etc.

There are several cloud providers offering Kubernetes as a managed service such AWS, Bigstep etc.

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