How much does a network security engineer make?

How much does a network security engineer make?

Security skills remain hot in the IT job market. Let’s explore data points on salaries for network security engineers

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The financial and reputational risks that cybersecurity threats pose to organizations has put a spotlight on security in the C-suite and boardroom. Given the critical need to protect systems and data, network security engineers remain in high demand. Currently, you'll find more than 21,700 listings for the role in the United States alone on

Looking ahead, 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide are expected in 2021, according to a commonly cited projection from Cybersecurity Ventures. Research firm Frost & Sullivan has previously predicted 1.5 million unfilled security jobs by 2020.

That means security positions – whether in data, information, network, systems, or cloud – give you career security and salary negotiating power.

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For people seeking a new role or a pay raise, recruiters advise researching salary ranges in your region so you are armed with data when it’s time to negotiate. 

Network security engineer salaries

Here are some data points exploring what a network security engineer makes right now:

According to the Robert Half Technology 2019 salary guide (a trusted resource with data for more than 75 positions in the IT field), a network security engineer role ranges from $98,500 (in the 25th percentile) to $167,500 in the 95th percentile (for people with lots of experience and valuable certifications). Those who fall in the 50th percentile can expect to make $118,000.

Network security engineer average base pay: $83,114. Source:

According to’s Know Your Worth salary calculator, which can help you gauge the competitiveness of your current or potential pay, using your title, region, and experience level, average base pay for a network security engineer is $83,114. That doesn’t include the average $5,375 in additional cash compensation that workers reported earning. This compensation can include bonuses, commissions, and profit sharing.  

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