Essential skills for IT: 7 must-reads

Whether you call them "soft," "core," or "must-have," skills like leadership, empathy, agility, and communication are what drive success in IT
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There's nothing "soft" about soft skills. In fact these competencies – like leadership, empathy, agility, and communication – are hard to master and so critical for driving success in IT that CIOs call them "essential."

"It’s art rather than science," says Dan Roberts, CEO of Ouellette & Associates Consulting. "We’re lucky they weren’t called 'fuzzy skills.' But in fact, these competencies are not hard to measure or improve. And as CIOs are learning, they’re essential to moving IT from dutiful IT supplier to strategic partner and beyond."

Whether we call them "soft," "core," or "must-have," CIOs need solid advice for how to seek out and nuture these skills on their team. Our editor's picks below may make you think differently about how you hire, interview, and cultivate IT talent moving forward. 

Read on for an update on these essential skills.

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