10 artificial intelligence terms you need to know

Key artificial intelligence terms, demystified: Check out our quick-scan AI glossary for IT and business leaders
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artificial intelligence glossary

With interest growing in artificial intelligence (AI), it's becoming increasingly important for IT executives and business leaders to cut through the hype and occasional confusion around AI concepts and technologies. 

It's easy to get confused when discussing AI. It's not uncommon to hear AI and machine learning used interchangeably, despite clear distinctions between the two. There's even some disagreement about whether terms like AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) should be associated

For our cheat sheet, we round up 10 key AI terms and explain what they mean and how they're related. From deep learning to natural language processing (NLP) and beyond, learn how to discern and articulate the differences between these concepts.   

Our quick-scan glossary will help you understand AI - or help you explain it to technical and non-technical colleagues, customers, and partners. You can also easily share it with people who want a primer.

Download the AI glossary cheat sheet now:

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