Poll: What are IT's most-wanted tech skills?

Poll: What are IT's most-wanted tech skills?

A mix of hard tech and core soft skills are at the top of CIOs' wish lists for talent in 2020 and beyond. Take our poll to find out which skills are most-wanted

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Which technical skill is most needed in your IT organization this year? 

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76 votes
Data science
8% (6 votes)
Data analytics
16% (12 votes)
Data visualization 
1% (1 vote)
25% (19 votes)
Software engineering
14% (11 votes)
AI/machine learning
16% (12 votes)
Internet of Things
4% (3 votes)
13% (10 votes)
Something else (tell us in the comments)
3% (2 votes)

A recent report by Harvard Business Review-Analytic Services cites eight hard skills CIOs say will be most important in 2020 and beyond.

"Winning today’s talent battle with a focus on current skill needs won’t be enough; CIOs must take a more expansive approach and think about how skill requirements will evolve if they want to thrive in and beyond the next decade," the report says.

The list of hard skills cited in the report is meant to guide CIOs as they plan their IT talent strategies for the next decade. Another thing leaders agree on is the rising need for soft skills like communication, empathy, and adaptability. These skills – increasingly referred to as "core skills" or "human skills" to better emphasize that there's nothing "soft" about them – are not something you can rely on outside help for. 

We're interested in learning more about which hard and soft skills are most needed in our readers' IT organizations. Help us understand what your priorities are by taking our polls, which will help guide our coverage. 

[ How does your team stack up to the talent needs of 2020 and beyond? Download the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report: IT Talent Strategy: New Tactics for a New Era. ]

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