Navigating the crisis: How my team focuses on the customer

For software development company HuskyJam, every customer experienced unique challenges after COVID-19 hit. Listening became imperative number one
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Editor’s note: IT leaders have quickly shifted gears to enable remote working and overcome unplanned technology and business challenges in the weeks following the COVID-19 outbreakThe Enterprisers Project is documenting their stories and celebrating IT team wins in an ongoing series. Alex Dorokhin, CEO and founder of HuskyJamshares his IT team win below. 

The challenge:

We were faced with a slowdown in decision-making and, in some cases, individual clients freezing activities. In some areas, on the other hand, there was a need for customers to make digital solutions very quickly, in order to adapt to the current situation and solve problems in a short time.

What we did:

Our team focused on communication with existing customers in order to reassure in some areas, to support customer initiatives in other areas, and to better hear and understand the problems of all of our clients.

An extremely important step was being proactive in listening to customers. We recognized that every businesses' situation is unique. We also accelerated the response to customer requests in order to maximize the speed of decision-making and advising on various aspects of the digitalization of their business and the implementation of their new projects and initiatives.

What we learned:

It is imperative to hear and understand customer pain points. At anytime, not just now. But now, if you manage to support your customers and help them better overcome the current difficult situation, this will certainly come back to you.

Another important aspect is the most rapid response to customer problems. For them, time is compressed and decisions need to be quickly implemented. The rules of the game may change tomorrow. Listen, and tell them how IT solutions can help them now and in the future, when everything returns to normal.

It is too early to draw conclusions about how this time will change our business. But at a minimum, we have acquired a new level of awareness of the right ways to collaborate with clients and the values that we can offer them and the world. 

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CEO and founder of HuskyJam, a digital solutions development company for business. He has gone all the way from developer and managerial positions in IT companies to the founder of his own business in this industry.