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IT leaders learn new tech terms every year, but in 2021, they learned a new management term: Hybrid work. This way of working combines office and remote work.

As Jordan Peace wrote in one of our top 10 articles of 2021, “Hybrid work presents some unique challenges for employers: How do you run a meeting when half the team is clustered in a conference room while the others are on Zoom? How do you foster collaboration when some employees may never see each other in person and others are together multiple times per week? And how do you extend the less-obvious benefits of an in-person office — social connection, a shared context with coworkers, and office perks — to those who choose to work from home?”

“When half of your people are in the office and half are remote, you need to focus on creating an equitable space for all employee groups to occupy, no matter where they are. “

As 2022 approaches, hybrid work looks to be a reality that we all will be living with for a while. You’ll find advice from your peers on that topic here, plus wisdom on digital transformation, Kubernetes, emotional intelligence, and more.

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As we look ahead, we want to thank you, our community of CIOs and IT leaders, for continuing to share your lessons learned with your peers on this site. Your real-world insights are invaluable. Your generosity in paying it forward is notable. Your teams navigated great challenges in 2021: Here’s wishing you even more success in 2022.

10. How to explain OKRs ( Objectives and Key Results) in plain English

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results, help IT and business groups measure individuals and teams based on outcomes rather than output. Here’s how to explain OKRs, their benefits, and common examples.

9. 3 reasons CEOs need HR and IT to work closer now

The pandemic-related shift to remote work and hybrid work accelerated the need for collaboration between HR and IT. That’s good news for CIOs and HR leaders working on these priorities.

8. Digital transformation: 3 driving trends for 2021

The pandemic forced organizations to boost IT investment and prioritize their digital transformation initiatives. These three factors will continue the push toward innovation.

7. Hybrid work model: 4 best practices for fairness

The future of business seems to be hybrid work – combining office and remote work. How can leaders ensure an equitable, positive experience for all?

6. Kubernetes autoscaling, explained

What is Kubernetes autoscaling? This automation capability means you don’t have to manually provision and scale down resources as demand changes. It also prevents needless spending. Here’s how it works.

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5. Emotional intelligence: 5 signs yours needs work

Strong, effective leadership requires emotional intelligence. Here’s how to tell if yours may be lacking – and how to improve it.

4. Remote work exhaustion: 13 tips to reduce fatigue

If today’s remote workplace leaves you feeling more exhausted than ever, you’re not alone. Consider these practical ways to restore your energy and ease the stress.

3. 7 top Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) job interview questions

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) job interview preparation can be tough – soft skills matter as much as tech prowess. Job candidates and hiring managers, use these popular SRE job interview questions.

2. Kubernetes: 6 open source tools to put your cluster to the test

The Kubernetes ecosystem includes an ever-growing number of tools and services you can plug in: Let’s look at six useful tools for putting your Kubernetes cluster and applications to the test.

1. 10 digital transformation metrics to measure success in 2021

The primary KPI for digital transformation work during the pandemic was speed: What’s next? Consider these digital transformation metrics.

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10 must-read technology books for 2021

Gain a new perspective on core and emerging technologies - from robotics to virtual reality - and the related leadership challenges. Put these technology books on your reading list.

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Laurianne McLaughlin is Editorial Director, Digital Communities for Red Hat, leading content strategy. Previously, she served as Content Director for The Enterprisers Project, Editor-in-Chief at InformationWeek.com, and Managing Editor at CIO.com.