Virtual collaboration: 9 resources to help your team

What are the daily habits of high-functioning remote teams? What are leaders doing to ease Zoom fatigue and other frustrations? Bookmark these resources for virtual collaboration
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By now, many teams have shifted from “making it work” to their “new normal.” But no matter how tight knit the group - or how flawlessly they’ve integrated Slack, Zoom, Trello, and all the other ways they are connecting - virtual collaboration comes with some thorny challenges. 

What are the daily habits of high-functioning teams? What are leaders doing to curb Zoom fatigue and overcome other frustrations? We put together a collection of recent remote work and collaboration articles and resources that can help your team get out of a rut and explore new ways to collaborate smarter.

Let’s dig in. 

4 tips for effective virtual collaboration

Feeling more disconnected from your co-workers lately? Learn how to be more purposeful about how you invest in team collaboration.

Remote work: 10 tips to be a better virtual collaborator

Mismatched expectations, poor tools, or even bad manners can hurt virtual collaboration. Consider these remote working best practices for leaders and colleagues.

5 habits of high-functioning virtual teams

The most high-functioning virtual teams don't rely on the same teamwork strategies used by in-person teams. Consider these remote-first tips to boost your team's productivity.

Remote work: 4 ways to spot a toxic culture

In a remote work environment, maintaining a strong company culture is more challenging – and more important – than ever. How do you spot and fix trouble? Ask these four questions to do a quick pulse check.

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Remote work collaboration: 6 exercises for IT teams

As remote work redefines the traditional workplace, IT teams need to implement new collaboration initiatives that sustain growth and foster innovation. Consider these strategies.

IT leadership: 5 tips on how to manage conflict

Unresolved conflict on a team can cause everything from reduced execution to retention and morale problems. With so much at stake, here's how leaders can help their teams improve.

Turn your team’s frustration into motivation

Three key moments where leaders can have a more positive influence when team members are going through tough times. 

9 ways to fix awful virtual meetings

Are your colleagues playing conference call annoyance bingo? Bad virtual meetings can drive people crazy -  in multiple locales. Here's how to do better.

How to be a more collaborative leader: 4 key competencies

Are you striving for even better collaboration with your team? Consider these tips for practicing and improving crucial behaviors.

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