New Ebook: 10 resources to make you a better communicator

This downloadable guide contains helpful articles to improve communication advice for any workplace situation
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Are you desperate for advice on fostering healthy conflict in your organization? Have you been stressed out by the prospect of endless meetings with a new remote workforce? What are the best ways to enhance your EQ in the modern workplace? Especially in this time of hybrid work, IT leaders need to know how to make connections across the globe. 

The Enterprisers Project wants to help you by providing solutions for all of your potential communication issues. We’ve gathered the best advice from IT leaders to share necessary communication best practices. Our Ebook includes practical strategies to help you:

  • Find out how to deal with unsavory situations between colleagues
  • Learn how to deal with a toxic boss
  • Discover how meetings can be more meaningful and effective
  • Consider “stay interviews” instead of “exit interviews” to retain top talent
  • Examine why empathy is a crucial soft skill
  • Think like a contrarian to lead to better problem-solving

The best leaders are often great communicators themselves. If you want to inspire others through your words, you must learn how to not only speak effectively but also listen actively. Communication is a two-way street. Download our Ebook for essential lessons to get you started.

Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders is the Content and Community Manager for The Enterprisers Project, seeking contributors who have expertise that can be shared with an audience of CIOs and IT leaders. She has always been interested in building relationships and connecting people.

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