Pillars of resilient digital transformation: New HBR Analytic Services report

New research identifies skills, tactics, and technologies CIOs are leveraging to build greater resilience and agility into their organizations’ DNA
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Cover of HBR report: Pillars of resilient digital transformation, on a blue background

Adaptability has always been a CIO strength, as technology and its impact on the business is ever-changing. Now, in a post-pandemic era marked by economic turbulence, sustainability pressures, hybrid workforces, and elevated expectations from customers, leading CIOs are leveraging this strength to help their organizations thrive in a new paradigm.

“Organizations are increasingly relying on the CIO to weigh in on capital investments and connect strategy and business model reinvention with the technology, processes, and integrations needed to achieve them. Because of the increased reliance on technology, CIOs are now highly influential in driving organizations toward greater resilience," according to the research available today: Pillars of Resilient Digital Transformation.

Doing so requires that CIOs play a wide range of roles, “including the ability to evangelize and educate about tech; build relationships essential to driving new sources of revenue, such as digital services; motivate teams to rally around the company’s goals and achieve real client outcomes; and finally, nurture direct relationships with clients and prospects,” the report states.

The report identifies key strategies and technologies CIOs rely on to achieve resilient digital transformation while connecting IT talent to meaningful, purpose-driven work. The report includes real-world examples from CIOs and IT executives who are working on:

  • Prioritizing adaptability in digital transformation efforts and adopting processes that enable faster speed to market
  • Leading effective change management that enables employees across the organization to accept and embrace new ways of working
  • Infusing digital thinking and acumen throughout the organization to create a pipeline of solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow
  • Leading with empathy and creating open and inclusive workplaces that contribute to a more sustainable future

The report, based on advice from CIOs and IT executives at companies including Royal Bank of Canada, Liberty Mutual Insurance, World Fuel Services, Deloitte, Thales North America, and Asahi offers a playbook for creating a strong foundation digital transformation that is more likely to be resilient and prosperous over the long term. Among the takeaways:

  • Learn how leaders at Thales North America, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and World Fuel Services are adopting Agile practices not only in IT, but across the enterprise itself.
  • Find out how leaders tap well-developed, modernized platforms to create new IT-driven revenue streams and deliver value to their organizations.
  • Learn the technical steps and strategies CIOs at World Fuel Services and Royal Bank of Canada use to boost resilience, such as chaos engineering and microservices architecture.
  • Discover how CIOs respond to increasing expectations among employees and customers to serve the greater good on issues ranging from sustainability to social justice to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Find out what transformational tools CIOs are investing in and how they connect next-gen technology's capabilities with business opportunity.

Download the full report: Pillars of Resilient Digital Transformation: How CIOs Are Driving Organizational Agility.

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