Week in Review: November 18 - November 22

Week in Review: November 18 - November 22

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Salesforce Revamps Software for Mobile as Users Flock to Tablets

By Aaron Ricadela via Bloomberg

Not to be confused with Air Force One, Salesforce.com's new Salesforce1 software will make it easier for businesses  to customize services for smartphones and tablets. Key Salesforce.com's customers include LinkedIn Corp., DropBox Inc. and Evernote Corp., "they are projected to report a 34% climb in revenue to $1.06B for the quarter that ended in October", according to the average of analysts' estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

Southwest to Be First With Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi Service

By Ina Fried via All Things D

And you thought using your electronics between taking off and landing was exciting.

Google Unveils Prepaid Debit Card

By Alexei Oreskovic via Reuters

Guess what, if Google has their way, your phone is your new wallet. Capital One better start working on a new tagline.


Forrester's Three-Step Recipe for CMO, CIO Alignment

By Elyse Dupre via Direct Marketing News

Spoiler alert, it includes hiring a referee.

13 CEOs Brave Enough to Share to Share Their Big Mistakes

By Chris Murphy via Information Week

It's interesting to see that many of the big mistakes made by CIOs have little to do with IT, and a lot more to do with mishandled personnel decisions and personal choice regrets.

Tomorrow's CIO: Less Budget and More Influence

Via CMO Australia

Recruitment company Harvey Nash’s 15th Annual CIO Technology Survey 2013 - of 2,038 senior level IT professionals from businesses across the world - has "uncovered seismic shifts in the role of the CIO". One might think between shadow IT, and BYOD, CIOs are losing influence over enterprise IT. The truth is that CIOs are increasingly becoming a strategic partner when it comes to making key company decisions in the C-suite. "CEOs are expecting CIOs to 'make' money over 'saving' money."


View from the top: Why this CIOs Job has Changed Forever

By Toby Wolpe via ZDNet

Christine Sexton, CIO of The University of Sheffield says the role of the CIO changes all the time. The 25,000 students that arrive each year expect access to all IT devices. She recalls a time when her network manager banned Skype when it first came along, "something that seems inconceivable now." She adds as fodder for the ever-changing CIO role, "Whether it's me pushing something or the digital officer or the marketing department pushing something, I'm not that bothered because what matters is whether the university is successful."

Nano Serwich is Editor of The Enterprisers Project and Global Awareness Content Manager at Red Hat.

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