Week in Review: November 4 - November 8

Week in Review: November 4 - November 8

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November 08, 2013
Week in Review Green CIO


IT Spending Expected to Rebound in 2014: IDC

By Nathan Eddy via eWeek

"Spending on servers, storage and enterprise networks with an increase by just 1 percent in 2013, before improving to 4 percent growth next year." There is a lot of interesting speculation about what will happen with both hardware and software spending in 2014.

20 Articles the WSJ Wrote about Twitter This Week

via Wall Street Journal

Heaps upon heaps of articles about Twitter's IPO. It debuted at $26 on Wednesday, on Thursday it had an opening price of $45.10 but closed at $44.90. So now maybe we can stop with the tweets about fans limiting their buy to 140 shares (please).

Adobe Security Breach Far Bigger than Adobe has so far Disclosed

By Jim Finkle via Reuters

"Adobe said last week that attackers had stolen data on more than 38 million customer accounts, on top of the theft of information on nearly 3 million accounts that it disclosed nearly a month earlier... the number of records stolen appears to be the largest taken in any publicly disclosed cyber attack to date."


CIOs get the CEOs They Deserve

By Ian Cox for CIO UK

When hiring a new CIO, both the company and the CIO need to get it right. From the company's perspective, "Getting the CIO you deserve starts much earlier with the decision to recruit a new CIO and the drafting of the job description and the required experience and skills." "Most organizations don't go beyond the technical requirements of the role." He adds that as a potential CIO, "If you act and sound like a techie, then you will be treated like one."

CIO Priority: Providing Data at the Right Time to the Right People

By Cliff Saran for ComputerWeekly

How do your priorities determine whether you are considered a high performer or a follower.

Five Ways to Become a Best-in-Class CIO

By Samuel Greengard for CIO Insight Blogs

Five ways! Quick read with some good ideas.


Once Easily Replaced, Programmers are Now Prized

By Joel Schectman via Wall Street Journal

Rejoice! And forward this article to your team.

Nano Serwich is Editor of The Enterprisers Project and Global Awareness Content Manager at Red Hat.

7 New CIO Rules of Road

CIOs: We welcome you to join the conversation

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