Four ways to overcome obstacles and rethink the CIO role

Four ways to overcome obstacles and rethink the CIO role



IT leaders each face their own set of obstacles when they try to drive any sort of meaningful innovation at their organizations. But there are four common obstacles that IT leaders tend to encounter when they try to assume more strategic roles, according to a new report.

The research from CIO Strategic Marketing Services /IDG Research Services – pulled from a survey of 100 respondents at the IT director level (and above) at organizations with 1,000 or more employee – shines light on the progress CIOs and other IT executives have made as they step into a more strategic role, as well as the challenges they continue to face.

To learn more about the common obstacles and how rethinking the CIO role might help, download the full report: “CIOs at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads.”

4 ways to rethink the CIO role

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CIOs and IT executives must become business influencers
By CIO Magazine/IDG Research Services

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4 ways to overcome CIO obstacles

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