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Winning in the age of the mobile mindshift

By 2017, companies will spend as much as $189 billion a year to redesign business processes for the mobile mindshift, according to Forrester. Where are Enterprisers seeing the mobile mindshift at work, and how are they responding? The Enterprisers Project asked a group of leading IT professionals what they are doing to meet — and stay ahead of — customer expectations in their organizations.

Download the discussion to learn how these forward-thinking IT leaders are approaching the mobile mindshift.

Five lessons for taking your enterprise to the cloud
By Lee Congdon

If you continue to manage your own infrastructure without cloud technologies, especially if you're in a cost-restrained environment, you are likely putting your enterprise at a disadvantage, says Red Hat CIO Lee Congdon. In this article, Congdon shares five lessons to help you on your journey to the cloud.

Winning the IT talent war
By The Enterprisers Project

Finding and keeping top technical talent is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders today. It’s not enough to offer a competitive salary and solid benefits. These days, tech stars are shopping around for more.

The Enterprisers Project gathered three leading IT executives in a roundtable to share their personal strategies for recruiting and retaining top-tier technology workers.

Download the discussion to learn how they're fighting the IT talent war.

The CIO at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads
By The Enterprisers Project

CIOs and IT leaders have an opportunity to exert more strategic influence than ever before, but many find their time and focus being consumed by keeping the lights on.

The Enterprisers Project gathered seven leading IT executives in a roundtable to share practical advice for CIOs and other IT leaders who want to become business game changers.

Download the discussion for tangible takeaways you can begin implementing in your organization today.

The six traits of IT-driven business innovators
By The Enterprisers Project

A recent Harvard Business Review survey of 420 global business professionals found that companies that empower CIOs and IT executives to pursue IT-enabled innovation see greater levels of competitive advantage. The research found that these innovation-driven organizations tend to have six traits in common. The Enterprisers Project gathered five IT executives in a roundtable to discuss and debate how much each of the six areas of capability uncovered in the research contribute to IT-driven business innovation in their own experience.

What's your magic wand infrastructure?
By The Enterprisers Project

A 2013 Forrester survey of IT leaders at 3,700 companies found that they spent 72 percent of their budgets on replacing or expanding capacity and supporting ongoing operations and maintenance.

But what if you were handed a magic wand and could wave away the past? The Enterprisers Project assembled a group of seasoned IT leaders in an interactive exchange to find out.  Here are highlights from the conversation.

CIOs and IT executives must become business influencers
By CIO Magazine/IDG Research Services

CIOs at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads

CIOs today exert more strategic influence than ever, but tactical demands still consume much of their time and focus, according to a recent survey by CIO Strategic Marketing Services /IDG Research.

Learn the four common obstacles IT leaders face when trying to drive meaningful innovation and how to overcome them. Download the full report: "CIOs at a Technology and Cultural Crossroads."

CIOs have a mandate to innovate
By Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

CIOs should be leading technology-driven business innovation at their organizations, business leaders say, yet the daily concerns of running IT may be holding them back, according to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. Learn the six key behaviors CIOs at innovation-driven companies share and use them as a roadmap for transforming your IT department. Download the full report "Business Transformation and the CIO Role."

DevOps and the CIO
By The Enterprisers Project

How should an IT executive encourage, oversee, and participate in the formation of a DevOps culture? The Enterprisers Project assembled a group of seasoned IT leaders in an interactive exchange to find out.  Here are highlights from the conversation.


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