Business leaders want their CIOs to drive business strategy

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CIOs are business strategists

CIOs should be spending more time driving innovation and business strategy and less time on functional tasks, according to a recent survey of business leaders conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

The survey of 420 business leaders found that more than half (57%) believe the CIO should drive innovation and strategy, but only 12% said their CIO actually does that.

While the findings may sound discouraging – after all only 12 percent of business leaders perceive their CIOs as doing something they feel is crucial – there is a bright side: CIOs have a mandate to innovate.

Additionally, it’s possible CIOs are leading business strategy more than their business colleagues realize. The HBR report notes that in a similar study conducted by CIO magazine, the CIO respondents said they spend slightly more time on business strategy than their peers indicated in this HBR survey.

To learn more about what business leaders think of their CIO and the time they spend on activites that are strategic to the business, download the complete HBR report: “Business Transformation and the Role of the CIO.”

CIOs are business strategists

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