Agile: What do leaders still get wrong?

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514 readers like this.
agile team truths

Many agile pros think their leaders just don't understand the realities of the agile way of working: That's what we heard loud and clear in the reaction to Mark Wavle's recent article, Agile teams wish their leaders knew these 5 truths

Do leaders at your organization not understand agile? Take our poll and weigh in. (You'll see the results once you vote). 

Which of these five factors is getting in the way of your agile results?


Agile is just another way to manage work
29% (36 votes)
There's no compelling vision of the end product
19% (23 votes)
Star individuals are rewarded, not teams
6% (7 votes)
Continuous learning is not the top goal
15% (18 votes)
Boundaries around teams are unbalanced
16% (20 votes)
None of the above. My leaders get agile
8% (10 votes)
Something else. Tell us in comments section:
8% (10 votes)
Total votes: 124