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A peek at artificial intelligence in action at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

At JPL, colleagues are chatting with intelligent digital assistants to get answers and collaborate. Here are a few examples

AI's 5 biggest risks: Early implementers speak

AI artificial intelligence
Leaders on the front lines implementing AI don't worry about robot overlords: They worry about real-world risks ranging from...

Executive's guide to AI: New HBR Analytic Services research

Get real-world lessons learned from CIOs making artificial intelligence work for their organizations

AI in the enterprise: 8 myths, debunked

Enough with romantic robots: Let's dispel eight common misconceptions about applying AI in the business world now

4 big data myths, busted

How big data works with AI
You don’t need a lot of data, a huge budget, or large teams to find value in your data...

AI in retail: Two data priorities for CIOs

CIO To Do List Think Like A Vendor Because You are One
How can retail industry CIOs capitalize on AI’s transformative potential? Focus on data completeness and collaborate on data sharing

Innovation: In the analytics age, invention isn’t the hard part

CIO Code
Today’s innovators must do more than invent: They must use judgement to extract value from fresh thinking. Are we...

How we’re using AI: Bayer Crop Science CIO

AI artificial intelligence
AI is changing the rules of R&D, supply chain, and customer relationship management in our organization. Here’s a peek

The state of AI in the enterprise: 10 telling stats

How many of your peers already use AI? What are they spending? How’s the talent market? Let’s explore the...

3 reasons data hoarding may not pay off

CIO Big Data Analytics
Seth Godin recently argued that more marketing data is not always better: In fact, it may hinder people from...



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