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How bad data can break your business

CIO Big Data Analytics
Today, anyone with a “C” in their title knows that, while they don’t need to be data scientists, they...

Digital transformation priorities for CIOs in 2016

IT and Business Alignment
Digital transformation strategies will continue to lead the way for innovative CIOs in 2016. Many CIOs will adopt mobile,...

Weather Company CIO says informed IT leaders are open to open source

agile retrospective
Just a few short years ago, there was a possibility you might lose credibility by bringing up open source...

Advice to prevent insider security threats

CIO Security Lock
Corporate cyber security efforts are often geared to address the threat of outsiders trying to hack into your network,...

2016 technology predictions for CIOs

Magic 8 Ball Outlook Good
As we approach 2016, we asked a few Enterpriser IT executives what they see on the near horizon for...

Vertafore CIO explains need for agility in insurance industry IT

CIO Illustration Connected Computers
In his previous role as vice president at American Express, Joe Magrady had a lot of responsibility managing global...

GE Cloud CTO: Look for these skills when hiring for cloud

CIO Cloud
I believe that obtaining the right skills for any organization is as much a cultural challenge as a skills-based...

4 IT leaders discuss IT's role in the Internet of Things

CIO Roundtable
By 2020, as many as 50 billion “things” – from toasters and coffee makers to cars and medical equipment...

Use real-time big data processing to unlock the business value

CIO: big data analytics
For many IT operations, big data should really be called "Big Overwhelming Data." Extracting useful information from all the...

Get value out of the many dimensions of big data

CIOs understanding big data
As storage gets ever cheaper, many organizations are collecting and keeping unprecedented quantities of data — quantities that will...



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