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Week-in-Review: Tips for staying ahead of technology trends and challenges

CIO News Week In Review
In this week's news roundup for IT pros, we bring you articles on the rise of new tech trends...

4 IT leaders discuss how they're overcoming their toughest IT talent challenges

CIO Roundtable
One of the biggest challenges facing CIOs at companies large and small is the struggle to find and keep...

CIOs: You don’t get a second chance to a make a digital first impression

CIO_Big Data Decisions_3
Recently I have been advising a startup called Quantum Metric on their go to market strategy. Their product allows...

HBR Article: What makes strategic decisions different

cloud servers laptops connected
Chances are you've seen plenty of headlines in your news feed proclaiming to offer tips on the best way...

Week-in-Review: IoT security, advice for CIOs, and the gig economy

CIO News Week In Review
In this week's news roundup for IT pros, we bring you a links from around the web on IT...

Imagining the future of technology with science fiction prototyping

Big Data and AI use cases
The state of disruptive technology today can almost make you feel like you are living in a sci-fi movie...

HBR article: The other disruption

Bad habits in IT
This article argues that most organizations already have a defensive playbook for dealing with "demand-side" disruption, the kind outlined...

Weather Company CIO: The competitive value of taking risks earlier

agile digital transformation
Technology projects are hard. They require a lot of people and a lot of moving parts, and yield a...

Does a CIO need a technical background? Maybe not

open source implementation
As technology continues to become a utility that even young children understand, it’s my opinion that the CIO role...

KinderCare: A case study in how to secure funding for major IT projects

how to measure technical debt
When Greg Martin came on the scene three years ago as vice president and CIO of KinderCare Education ,...



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