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Remote teams: 5 ways to build culture

DevOps engineer interview questions 2020
As remote workgroups become more common, shorten the distance with these culture-building tips

CIO role: Does a CIO need a tech degree anymore?

cio role tech degree
A technical degree used to be a must-have, but recruiters and some CIOs say that’s changed. Economics, history, and...

5 steps to transform IT talent strategy for the future: IDC

IT talent future
Recruiting and retaining the right mix of talent is vital in the digital age. Consider these five steps to...

CIO role: Do you have what it takes to be CIO? 7 questions

cio role digital transformation
So you want to become a Chief Information Officer? Ask these questions about your motives, qualifications, and hopes

Agile teams: 5 signs of a great hire

What makes an agile team player a star? Hard skills like data literacy and security fluency are important -...

How to build a culture of business learners in IT

Digital Acumen gears
Today's IT professionals need to be business consultants as much as technologists. Ellucian CIO Lee Congdon shares five steps...

6 critical IT skills for the next decade: Bay Area CIO of the Year winners share

What skills will IT talent need most? Six award-winning CIOs discuss the top skills on their radar screens –...

How to spot a great software developer: 7 interview questions

culture add
These sample interview questions will help you identify great developers – without overvaluing technical skills

10 soft skills every IT team needs

culture add
Learn which non-technical skills are most prized on IT teams - including two must-have soft skills that can make...

8 counterintuitive tips for IT performance reviews

Do you dread annual performance reviews? Do your employees? Go from obligation to opportunity with these ideas that buck...



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