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How to improve IT ROI: 4 things CIOs can do

While projects are one-time efforts, products receive continuous improvement long after their initial introduction. A product mindset can help...

PrimeLending CIO: How we focus on revenue generation

What does the loan officer of the future look like? How can IT position them for success in driving...

Reinventing IT as a revenue generator: 4 steps that work

IT leaders striving to create new revenue streams should consider these foundational changes

How UAB CIO made revenue-generation IT's job

Curt Carver aligned his IT organization with three money-making areas of the university – and it's paying off

3 realities of driving revenue: GE, Dunkin Brands, Liberty Mutual CIOs speak

CIOs who’ve successfully brought a revenue focus to IT share their strategies

PrimeLending CIO: How to move from project to product mindset

devops trends 2020
A shift to a product focus delivers big benefits for PrimeLending

Two strengths of revenue-generating IT teams: Speed and talent

Digital transformation ROI
What do IT leaders who succeed at driving revenue have in common? Speedy process and a passionate team

How Sonic Automotive CIO led transformation focused on customer experience

CIO Digital Transformation 2
Chris Maritato and his team used technology to drive customer experience at Sonic Automotive

3 ways to inspire a product mentality in IT

CIO role
How can you get your IT team to transition from owning projects to owning business products? Learn from top...

New CIO reality: Own your company's money-making strategy

Digital transformation ROI
Look at the business’s overall revenue plans and projections as your own, says CIO Jay Ferro. That's your new...



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