Carla Rudder

Carla Rudder
Content Manager
Red Hat

Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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10 soft skills every IT team needs

culture add
Learn which non-technical skills are most prized on IT teams - including two must-have soft skills that can make...

8 counterintuitive tips for IT performance reviews

Do you dread annual performance reviews? Do your employees? Go from obligation to opportunity with these ideas that buck...

IT talent: 6 signs your star talent may leave

Is your star employee as happy with you as you are with them? Learn the cues that may indicate...

10 agile project management tips from the masters

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Even if you can talk the agile project management talk, mastering the walk requires hard work. Agile experts share...

How to work with anyone: 10 must-read books

Leaders know that every person on a team has different motivators and pain points. Learn how to work with...

Agile project management: 10 mistakes to avoid

agile mistakes
Think agile is all hype, or that it isn’t right for you? One of these common roadblocks could be...

How to answer 7 top DevOps interview questions

devops trends 2020
Prepare for your DevOps job interview with this expert advice on tackling popular questions. Plus, consider highlighting these four...

Emotional intelligence: 5 tips for working with difficult people

emotional intelligence
You can’t bring your best to work if others are bringing you down.

DevOps vs. middle managers: 5 tips to knock out resistance

DevOps teams encounter all types of doubters, but middle managers can be especially hard to get on board. Try...

DevOps quiz: 5 questions to ask about your culture

Devops gears laptop
In a strong DevOps culture, teams feel supported, collaboration is rewarded, and emotional intelligence runs high. Ask these questions...



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