Carla Rudder

Carla Rudder
Content Manager
Red Hat

Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation

DevOps plays an essential role in digital transformation - from identifying patterns to uncovering new revenue streams. In fact,...

Emotional intelligence: 6 ways to fight your perfectionism

Striving for quality work is admirable, but take perfectionist habits too far and you'll hurt progress. Use these emotional...

10 books with a tech twist: Summer reads for leaders

Looking for some summer reading? We picked 10 fiction books for leaders that provide an escape - or lessons,...

10 ways to have better conversations

CIO Engaging, retaining and co-creating IT
What message do your words send, leaders? Improve your communication skills every day with these conversation tips

7 ways to keep up with emerging tech: CIO tips

creative thinking
CIOs must keep an eye on tech trends on the horizon at all times. Learn their tips for staying...

8 TED Talks on emerging technologies to watch

From quantum computing to AR to bionic limbs, these emerging technologies deserve your attention. Get up to speed with...

Emotional intelligence: 5 tips for reporting to a younger boss

The new boss is how old? Reporting to a younger boss can bring up tough emotions – from jealousy...

Security bootcamp: 8 must-read books for leaders

Hackers increasingly target individuals as weak links. As the number of breaches and their costs continue to spike, it’s...

6 ways to kick off a difficult conversation

Stop avoiding tough conversations. Use these icebreakers to diffuse stress and have more productive one-on-ones

3 DevOps roadblocks and how to beat them

CIO Digital Transformation 2
DevOps efforts not moving as fast as you’d like? Before you play the blame game with individuals and teams,...



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