Carla Rudder

Carla Rudder
Content Manager
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Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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Agile project management, explained

What is agile project management, and is it right for your team? How is it different from other project...

CIO salary: 10 stats and trends for 2019

CIO salary 2020 statistics and trends
What does that CIO make in 2019? If you’re a current or aspiring CIO, consider these CIO salary statistics...

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CIO digital transformation
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Digital transformation strategy: 7 key pieces

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Emotional intelligence: How to exercise your right brain muscles

Many IT people identify as left-brained: But science has proven anyone can exercise their creative and artistic side. Here's...

10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation

DevOps plays an essential role in digital transformation - from identifying patterns to uncovering new revenue streams. In fact,...

Emotional intelligence: 6 ways to fight your perfectionism

Striving for quality work is admirable, but take perfectionist habits too far and you'll hurt progress. Use these emotional...

10 books with a tech twist: Summer reads for leaders

Looking for some summer reading? We picked 10 fiction books for leaders that provide an escape - or lessons,...



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