Carla Rudder

Carla Rudder
Content Manager
Red Hat

Carla Rudder is a writer and content manager on The Enterprisers Project.

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9 counterintuitive tips for dealing with people

Common wisdom doesn’t always cut it when it comes to dealing with people. Leaders who’ve honed their people skills...

AI's 5 biggest risks: Early implementers speak

AI artificial intelligence
Leaders on the front lines implementing AI don't worry about robot overlords: They worry about real-world risks ranging from...

How to fight your team's fear of failure

agile project management
IT people were taught to avoid failure at all costs – until they were encouraged to fail fast and...

How to have an emotionally intelligent disagreement

emotional intelligence
Leaders tap into their emotional intelligence when tensions run high. The next time you find yourself in a disagreement...

7 advantages of open source for agile teams

open source ideas light bulb innovate
Open source and agile and DevOps teams go hand-in-hand. Here’s a look at the benefits

7 TED Talks for job hunters

Job hunters, stop stressing and start learning: These TED talks will help you navigate challenges and win that role

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium preview: Why CIOs must up their game as change agents

presentation mistakes
Bracing for a future that involves AI and ever-increasing data sets, CIOs face great cultural challenges

How to work a room: No-fail networking tips

Feel a bit of dread at networking events? These tips and mental tricks will help you work a room...

How to build strong teams: 8 must-read books

Want to make your team more cohesive, collaborative, and successful? These eight books will help leaders and team members...

How to scale DevOps: 10 expert tips

CIO Hands Communication
Doing DevOps and doing it at scale are two very different things. Here’s how to push past barriers to...



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