Jason Alan Snyder

Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Worldwide

Jason Alan Snyder is an inventor, technologist, futurist, marketer and business strategist. In his role as CTO of marketing agency Momentum Worldwide, Snyder collaborates with creative, strategy, business leadership, and production talent to ensure the most effective and current technology solutions for Momentum clients – offering insights into emerging technologies that boost experience and engagement. Snyder is a reputed inventor, technologist, futurist and business strategist with nearly two decades experience in the creative development of technology products and services.

As a technologist, Jason has led the creative development of digital products, applications, and services for two decades. With more than ten years of service at various InterPublic Group agencies including as a founding member of Deutsch's digital capability (iDeutsch) and most recently at McCann Erickson (MRM Worldwide), he has also held the position as Head of Product Design at AOL and Yahoo!. His brand work includes SAP, Facebook, Nestle, Google, American Express, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, U.S. Army, IKEA, U.S. Postal Service, Johnson & Johnson, Porsche, Nike, Procter & Gamble, TiVO, and Unilever among others.

Jason's specialist knowledge in developing mass market consumer products, services, software and mobile technologies, combined with hands-on experience building Human Computer Interaction (HCI) models has led to him being invited to design, author and present a comprehensive amount of materials on a broad range of technology and futurist subjects.

Jason has also been a pioneer in mobile marketing. He developed an extensive intellectual property portfolio that serves as foundation patents for many popular geolocation and image recognition mobile products and services. One product of his work, JAGTAG, which he invented and commercialized, was the only mobile 2D barcode solution that did not require the consumer to download an application before use. In 2011 Jason's patents including JAGTAG were acquired.  

Jason also invented the Luci solar lantern. Luci is a lightweight, inflatable and durable LED lantern with a solar powered battery. Waterproof and collapsible, Luci is being heralded by the technology, design and non-profit industries alike. It won a coveted Innovation & Design Award at CES and has been featured in WIRED, Engadget, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Boston Globe, Davos Summit, CBS news and on television around the world. Snyder co-founded MPOWERD the company that manufactures Luci to empower the developing world through solar power, providing equity to those without electricity.

In addition to Luci, Jason is the named inventor on more than thirty patents for new technology products related to social networking and information serving. He serves on the board of the Calyx Foundation and is an advisor to some other notable technology companies.


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