Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey writes about technology and business for a variety of publications. He won an Azbee Award, given by the American Society of Business Publication Editors, for his story, "Are You Too Old For IT?" He's a former community choice honoree in the Small Business Influencer Awards. Find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Explainable AI: 4 industries where it will be critical

what is explainable AI
Explainable AI – which lets humans understand and articulate how an AI system made a decision – will be...

What is explainable AI?

what is explainable AI
Explainable AI means humans can understand the path an IT system took to make a decision. Let’s break down...

Kubernetes security: 4 strategic tips

Digital transformation security
Kubernetes security experts share the tips that will help you avoid trouble – and maybe even build support for...

Kubernetes security: 5 mistakes to avoid

CIO Containers Ecosystem
For teams managing containers, Kubernetes has strong security controls – but some common mistakes pop up, especially when teams...

10 valuable cloud computing certifications

multicloud spending
Which IT certifications will boost your cloud computing credentials – and salary? Here’s data and advice on the best...

5 tips to transition into a Kubernetes job

it jobs 2020
Want to move into the hot job market for Kubernetes pros, but lack experience? Use this expert advice

AI in the enterprise: 8 myths, debunked

Enough with romantic robots: Let's dispel eight common misconceptions about applying AI in the business world now

IT certifications for security pros: Still valuable?

CVE explained
The security community debates the value of some IT certifications – and sniffs out pretenders quickly. Which certifications are worthwhile?

Kubernetes jobs hunt: How to land that role

Trying to get a job working with Kubernetes? Consider these five tips

Minikube: 5 ways IT teams can use it

Minikube 6 things to know
Minikube lets you run Kubernetes on a laptop or other local machine. For both IT leaders and developers, that...



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