Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby is an award-winning reporter and editor with more than twenty years of professional journalism experience. For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology. She lives in Boston, Mass.

Your remote employee's first 90 days: 10 things leaders must do

Man with laptop sits with clock face and sticky notes in background
How can you make sure you don't lose your newly hired remote employee in the first 90 days? Consider...

How to be a better remote manager: 6 tips

remote manager tips
For leaders, making the adjustment from managing by walking around to managing remotely can prove tricky. Consider this advice...

10 TED Talks on career moves

Are you considering whether to make a career move – or well on your way to exploring new job...

Digital transformation strategy: 7 items to rethink now

digital transformation -man in black suit jumps from stack of books to laptop
Some accepted wisdom about digital transformation looks different in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked experts: What approaches...

How emotionally intelligent leaders handle 6 difficult situations during the pandemic

From Groundhog Day syndrome to change resistance, this pandemic is testing us all. Here's how leaders can use emotional...

How to succeed in your first 90 days of a new job when you start remote

Man in blue chair works at computer next to white bike
Your first 90 days of a new job are crucial: How do you set yourself up for success when...

Digital transformation: 3 ways to find funding during the pandemic

Woman sits at desk looking at bar graph of data from the cloud
What are the realities of securing funding for digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic? Consider these resourceful approaches to...

Emotional intelligence: 4 ways the pandemic is testing leaders – and how to respond

remote work security best practices
Your emotional intelligence has never been more important than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how to bring your EQ...

CIO role: 8 ways the pandemic has changed it forever

cio role digital transformation
The CIO's place as a cross-functional business leader has crystallized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some other ways...

Digital transformation: How to deal with collaboration fatigue

digital transformation: two workers exchanging files through video chat
Your team is collaborating at a new level during the pandemic - not just via Zoom calls - and...



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