• Tip for CIOs transitioning to agile

    Tip of the Week: PMOs Who Can CIO
    Tips from CIOs for CIOs
  • Different Takes on Shadow IT

    Enterprising CIO Repost Why Your Project Teams Should Be RACIer
    Shadow IT is a trend that is gaining ground rather than disappearing. Some CIOs see it as a threat to the security of the enterprise, others see it as competitive to their authority. Still others are happy to see department level involvement in developing solutions. Here are three diverse perspectives on how shadow IT is finding inroads in the enterprise.
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  • Simple ways CIOs can get feedback from IT teams

    Video Blue No Text CIO
    "Solicit feedback. Feedback about yourself, feedback about your (IT) organization. At NetApp we like to say that feedback is really a gift because we can take that internally and really act upon it. And it takes a lot of courage from both the person requesting the feedback and also the person giving the feedback to have those open and transparent conversations. So I would also encourage people to go get the feedback and really take it to heart." — Cynthia Stoddard, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, NetApp
  • 10 Takeaways, 5 Mandates and 2 Inspirational Characters for CIOs

    The Enterpisers Project Week In Review Blue Microphone CIO
    Weekly News, Articles and Inspiration for the Aspiring CIO
  • CIOs must move past the 'IT guy' stereotype

    CIOs must move past the 'IT guy' stereotype
    An Interview with Pharmavite’s CIO, Brian Beams, about earning the right to get past the IT guy stereotype
  • Moving Beyond the 'Keep the Lights On' Mentality

    Chess Piece CIO
    Jed Yueh, CEO for Delphix has a warning for CIOs who don't move beyond the "keep the lights on" mentality of the IT world. He believes it's crucial that IT organizations make the best use of their enterprise data assets. In fact, he has two rules that make sense for CIOs who want to not only succeed in their positions, but soar above their competition.
  • CIOs can eliminate surprises with a new operational process

    Tip of the Week: CIOs can eliminate
    Tips for Enterprisers, from Enterprisers
  • Innovative CIOs run their applications a completely different way

    The Death of 2.0 CIO Jim Whitehurst
    "IT is changing dramatically, which is not to say there won't be some IT organizations 20 years from now that look like IT organizations did 20 years ago. But when I think about the changes, increasingly the basic functions that IT organizations spent 70 percent of their time delivering — compute, storage, and networking — can be purchased, and they can be purchased from third parties. This is utility computing."
  • CIOs: Get a grip on your company's app usage

    The Changing Role of CIOs
    Chief Information Officer’s roles and responsibilities have long been subject to changes that come with strides in technological innovation. Successful CIOs take these changes as opportunities, ensuring that strategic technology investments play a central role in meeting larger business goals. But what does it take to be a high-impact CIO? How can today’s CIOs simultaneously make informed technology decisions that keep processes streamlined, ensure employee satisfaction and have a significant impact on the business’ bottom line?
  • Sochi Cyber War Zone, Klout Acquired and CIOs Rise in the C-Suite

    Week in Review Red CIO
    Weekly News, Articles and Inspiration for the Aspiring CIO


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