8 technology podcasts every IT leader should listen to

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Podcasts are the new radio. As our cars and phones become more connected, the once underground podcast movement has become extremely popular. In fact, it may be too popular now: There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions to choose from. Technology has made podcasts easier to create, too, adding to the glut of options.

There are excellent tech business-focused podcasts that should be in your daily, weekly or monthly diet. Below are eight that will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Spark from CBC Radio

It is difficult to find news that covers tech culture without fawning over the latest gadget. Spark with Nora Young strikes the right balance between the two extremes. While there are better sources for hard news, Spark is a great way to understand the bigger cultural trends that will end up affecting the expectations and needs of your consumers and even your employees. 

Farstuff: The IoT Podcast

How is the Internet of Things changing your business? Farstuff: The IoT Podcast is a great place to start. No-nonsense guides Andreea Borcea and Charles Wiltgen play curator to a host of experts, from astrophysicists to entrepreneurs. Each episode is a focused, hour-long discussion interpreting the latest Internet of Things development. Farstuff is both deep and accessible.

TED Talks Technology

Podcasts come in video form, too, and this subscription delivers fresh technology talks from the popular TED Talks stage. The TED Conference is where new, often experimental work is shown publically for the first time, so the podcast gives a rare glimpse into where tech is going tomorrow. Demos aside, the more straightforward talks provide serious cultural history or explain more complex technological issues.

The Dave & Gunnar Show

There is one organization more interested in the Internet of Things than all of Silicon Valley combined: the U.S. government. The Dave & Gunnar Show breaks down not only the latest in IoT development, but also the implications on a federal level. Required listening if you’re even remotely involved in a government-connected product or service. 

HBR Ideacast

The Harvard Business Review journal has a stunning reputation and its long-running podcast is a great way to get similar content on the go. The topics are heady, but extremely simple, like how to do successful goal setting or the best way to give tech-based presentations. Most episodes are under 20 minutes, which means you can get the knowledge quicker than reading through the often-dense print publication.

The Cloudcast

There are a surprisingly high number of cloud computing podcasts, but few are as balanced and objective as The Cloudcast. Hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely tackle DevOps, SaaS, IoT and a litany of other specialized topics. The single focus every episode allows them to deep dive into a niche, while their broad base of knowledgeable guests keeps the conversations fresh.

Marketplace Tech

Technology podcasts lean towards the longer side – some run more than two hours. The excellent news broadcast Marketplace Tech is the very opposite. The tech news you need, every day, in less than 10 minutes. Host Ben Brock Johnson runs a lean show with a few, if any guests, and gives a bite-sized view of what is important in tech at this very moment.

Tech News Today

Tech News Today is essentially the CNN of technology info, as the hosts Megan Morrone and Jason Howell deliver the daily facts any way you want it: Hour-long podcast, low-res video or high-res video, all done live. The evening broadcasts hit the biggest stories affecting the tech industry, creating a solid summary for your night commute or downtime.

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