Damon Brown

Damon Brown
Entrepreneur & Author

Damon Brown is a consultant and advisor for potential entrepreneurs, budding startups and established media companies. Damon’s latest book, "The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion & Pursue Your Side Hustle," shares the tactics he used to lead his last startup, Cuddlr, to acquisition within a year.

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Synchrony CIO: U.S. companies need more walk, less talk on gender parity

digital transformation storytelling tips
Carol Juel, CIO of Synchrony Financial, discusses steps needed to attract more women to STEM.

What mobile-first looks like at Accenture

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Accenture CIO Andrew Wilson pursues a consumer-like experience

8 thought leaders to follow on LinkedIn

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Are you just using LinkedIn to network? If so, you’re missing out on the chance to expand your leadership...

AI in 5 years: One CTO's take

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How will artificial intelligence change the way we do business five years from now? In part two of our...

What AI teams need to succeed

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What do teams working with artificial intelligence need to succeed? At Seal Software, which makes contract discovery and analytics...

Creating a collaborative relationship between IT and HR

CIO Managing Your Boss
Human resources and IT don’t always view each other as collaborators, but people run IT departments, and HR is...

How this CTO encourages sustainable innovation

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Innovation is easy – if you’re willing to sacrifice everything in the process. Sustainable innovation is what we really...

Advice for government leaders looking to strengthen cybersecurity

CVE explained
New leaders in government and in enterprise companies have the intimidating task of assessing and protecting against potential security...

Company buy-in for an IT project requires big picture understanding

Technology now drives nearly every corporate element, and while that has empowered CTOs, it also increases the burden of...

4 sterling examples of technology leaders creating customer loyalty

CIO To Do List Think Like A Vendor Because You are One
IT has become a front-line discussion. Long gone are the days of being a black-box corporation, in part, ironically,...



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